Sep. 03, 2020

MEDIA –Rep. Chris Quinn (R-Delaware) applauded Gov. Tom Wolf’s reversal in policy concerning youth athletics following a House vote.

On Wednesday, the House voted to allow local school districts to set their own policies regarding athletics and other school programs, separate from the governor’s previous mandates. Following the overwhelmingly bipartisan vote, Wolf released new athletics guidelines that will allow fans to attend while adhering to social distancing and overall limit guidelines.

“I am encouraged that Gov. Wolf has changed his position, and I am also pleased that he is listening to the House of Representatives and ultimately the people of Pennsylvania,” Quinn said. “The governor knew that we had a veto-proof majority on this bill and ultimately met our demands. This is nothing new for the governor. He has constantly changed policies throughout the pandemic after the Legislature has led on the issue. I am just glad he is listening.

“I am also encouraged that my colleagues on the other side of the aisle joined us in supporting this bill to ensure children can continue to play sports and have the encouragement of their family, friends and community,” continued Quinn.

Under Wolf’s new guidance fans can attend youth sporting events, but the outdoor gathering limit of 250 people and the indoor limit of 25 people remain in place. The total counts will include athletes, coaches, officials and fans.

“We have created policy to improve athletics and other school events, which are an important part of overall student enrichment, but we need to continue to work on the current policies that have made education difficult during the pandemic,” Quinn said. “I am confident that we can find solutions to protect the health and safety of our children and also provide a quality education that meets all the needs of students.”

Representative Chris Quinn
168th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives